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Realms of the Haunting

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3D Atmospheric Action Adventure

Scenes from Realms of the Haunting
Gremlin's Realms Of The Haunting is a disturbing vision of the future based on many beliefs of the Apocalypse.

Using an innovative combination of first person 3D and third person FMV cut scenes, Realms... places you in the role of young Adam Randall, whose father's untimely death leads him to the remote Cornish country village of Hellston (a place that actually exists - check a map).

Through the contents of a strange parcel, hand delivered by a distinguished clergyman and reputed friend of his father, Adam is pulled into a macabre and brooding fantasy by entities gathering in St Michael's Vicarage...

The True 3D engine in Realms Of The Haunting was developed in-house and was first used to great effect in Normality . The version used in Realms... is more advanced and provides the powerhouse for the game's genuinely photo-realistic locations.

'From the finely produced full-motion video to the eerie gameplay environments, Realms of the Haunting gets the prize as the year's Best Adventure Game. It's not every day a game can take the age old theme of Good vs. Evil and mold it into something new, original, and exciting. Realms of the Haunting does just that, and is as good an adventure game as you can find. '

It's not only the 3D engine that makes Realms.. so good. The animation is equally spectacular with rendered and motion captured Demons, blending seamlessly with 90 minutes of FMV and digitised animation. The majority of the in-game objects have either been rendered or are actual Polygons, giving real depth to the game and allowing you to view objects from any angle .It's probably fair to say that Realms... has the most advanced 3D environment ever. What this means is a huge leap forward in realism from anything else you may have seen

With over 20 different Demon adversaries and 15 different weapons, the gameplay never lacks variety. The Demons have been rendered in 3D studio with motion-capture data used to provide the animation for added realism (if that's the right word).

All these elements make playing Realms... a thoroughly absorbing experience. Players will be captivated by its dark domains and the convincing machinations of an aged French sorcerer whose demonic alter ego could plunge the world into an age of darkness. This is not one for the nervous.


Realms...contains almost 120 minutes of FMV. This was filmed using the 'Blue Screen' technique at Bright Light Studios in Warwickshire.

Bright Light are SFX experts with over 12 years industry experience. The CV of Tom Lauton, Bright Light's owner, includes credits for Nightbreed, Starman and 'The Nightmare on Elm St' series.

True 3D is the combination of a 3D environment with real-time motion capture and mimics real world effects and forces such as gravity and inertia.

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