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Do you need to re-install the game or do you encounter installation problems? Here you will get the information you need (hopefully).
Please be advised that this is neither an offical support page nor are we in any way required to support the game. The information provided here is provided "as is", without a warranty of any kind.


Patch Info:
No updates are necessary.

System Requirements:
  • DOS based with Win95 support: IBM/TANDY and 100 Compatibles Running DOS 5.0 or Later
  • Processor: 486DX/66
  • Recommended: Pentium 90 or faster
  • Memory Required: 15 MB hard disk space (103 MB recommended) and 8 MB RAM minimum
  • 1 Meg VGA/SVGA (Vesa 1.2 compliant card needed for high res.) and Double speed cd-rom drive
  • Microsoft 100% Compatible Mouse
  • Supports Sound Blaster and 100% Compatible Sound Cards


Default Install Directory: C:\INTRPLAY\ROTH

To Install Game:
DOS Installation -

  1. Place disk 1 of your Realms of the Haunting cd's into your cd-rom drive.
  2. Change directory to your cd-rom drive (e.g. D: )
  3. Type INSTALL
  4. Follow onscreen instructions.

Windows95 Installation -

  1. From the START button, select RUN, and type: DRIVE:\INSTALL.EXE where DRIVE is the drive letter of your cdrom drive. If your cdrom drive is on D drive, this would be D:\INSTALL.EXE
  2. Hit [ENTER] or click the mouse button on [OK]
  3. Follow onscreen instructions.

Game Executable: REALMS.BAT

To start Game:
In DOS -

  1. Type REALMS [ENTER] in the directory where you installed ROTH to play the game.
  2. Each time you play the game, you need to have the cd in the cd-rom drive.

In Windows 95 -

  1. From the START button, select RUN, and type: DRIVE:\WIN95RUN where DRIVE is the drive letter and directory where you have installed your game to. If you installed your game to the default directory on c drive, this would be C:\INTRPLAY\ROTH\WIN95RUN
  2. Hit [ENTER] or click the mouse button on [OK]

To Re-run the Setup: INSTALL.EXE

To Quit:

  1. Hit the ESC key.
  2. Choose to Quit to DOS.

 Technical Issues

Problem: Throughout movie sequences constantly get pauses where sound and movie halt for a few seconds while the CDROM drive reads the next chunk of data.

Solution: If you have a VERITE chipset on your video card, try the following. When you first start the game, go to the SETTINGS menu. Then go to the SCREEN SETTINGS menu and select VESA 640x480. By default, the game starts up in a non-vesa VGA mode (320x200) which tends to be very slow with some of the video cards using the Verite chipset such as the 3D Blaster, the Intergraph Reactor and the Sierra Screamin 3D. After doing this you may need to restart the game for the changes to take effect.

Problem: I turned down the sound and cannot turn it back up again.

Solution: ighlight the volume you want to increase and right click to turn the sound up. Left clicking turns the sound bar down and right clicking turns it louder.

Problem: Game gives a Divide Error in Realms of the Haunting.

Solution: It's being run from the CD-ROM drive, needs to be run from the directory where you installed the game. If you installed to the default directory, this would be C:\Intrplay\ROTH

Problem: The game locks up on me after inserting the next CD.

Solution: Try lowering the screen resolution settings for ROTH.

© 2002-2024 by Sascha Kimmel
The above artwork is © Interplay Productions. All rights reserved.