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Read the Official Interplay Walkthrough

WARNING: The following is a detailed walkthrough of Realms of the Haunting. It exists to help you if you are stuck. Please, DO NOT READ FROM START TO FINISH!! If you do, bad things might happen. And you'll ruin the game for yourself. But why listen to us. We're chopped liver.

A solution by Lu Richardson (For Cheet Sheets Magazine - cheets@sv.span.com)

 General tips

I know you don't need to be told to swing the old cursor around to see what there is in each room, so I won't. However, I would like to say that you should use the Page Down key to see what's on the floor, because otherwise you'll miss lots of goodies.

By the way, when you see open boxes on the floor and look inside to get the ammo they usually contain, look at them from all angles. A high side can hide vital items.

During your first steps around the house, and once you have the gun, don't waste precious ammunition shooting at windows and mirrors; you only do that sort of thing later on, and only if your gun needs reloading - saves doing it when someone is nearly on top of you and trying their best to kill you.

As always, examine every item you pick up at the first opportunity. Sometimes certain objects contain other items.

I presume you'll be playing in Easy Mode, i. e., you click on something and, if you are carrying the right article, the right thing will happen. Later on, this is particularly handy for opening doors in a hurry if you've got half the population of monsters, and their friends and relations, at your heels. That's not exactly the moment you would choose to rummage around your pockets to find the correct key. Of course, if you are trying to solve a puzzle, this helpful option doesn't work: you have to pick the right item to put in the right place.

This is a tough game, and if you want to stay alive, it is a good idea to do a "dry run" of a few rooms at a time so that you can learn the lay of the land, as it were. You can't afford to get badly hurt, since there are precious few healing potions (and not all that much ammunition, for that matter) and the further you advance, the less you'll find. Also, you can't hang around looking for items too long, as in some rooms the nasties regenerate and they'll be on top of you while you are busy staring at the floor. Apart from this being dangerous, you have to use up more ammunition. So, you see, if you've done a dry run and know exactly where everything is, you can be in and out in a jiffy.

Sometimes you get attacked from all sides, so you'll have to work out ways of getting away with a minimum of damage. Save every time you have a successful run.


As to combat, don't rush into rooms but rather walk cautiously in and wait a few seconds to see if something nasty materializes; then you can kill it from a safe distance. Keep away from the monsters whenever possible, running around and walking backwards if necessary - only don't walk into another room in which another nasty can be generated to attack you from the rear - nor get into a corner if you can help it. Finding a good spot from where you can kill but be safe at the same time, can be pretty crucial. Sometimes you can hide behind something and hit without getting hit. This is particularly useful when you use self-charging weapons which take a while to recharge. However, if you keep very still, the monsters might ignore you, so move about to lure them to you.

One important thing to remember is that some monsters can't go through doors (may be they are too big!) so, stand where the door can't shut because you are in the way, and keep blasting. If they come too close, you can always retreat, shut the door and open it again later. Stairs are good, too: sometimes you can stay at the foot, or half way up, and do a lot of damage without getting hurt.

If the opposition is too much for you, RUN!


Keep an eye on your colt if you are using it: when it runs out of bullets you have to reload and you can be cut to ribbons while you are doing that. Back away while you are reloading; obviously, it is not a good idea to be caught in a corner on those occasions.

Indeed, if you have to fight at close quarters, the guns are not much use and it is best to use the sword. Try it out for yourselves. To tell you the truth, I found that, no matter how sophisticated the weapons got as I went along, they still didn't do all that much damage. At times, it is important to find out which weapon does the most harm to certain monsters.

You will gather from all this that this game is not a straight forward shoot'em up - you will depend heavily on strategy to stay out of trouble.

SAVE A LOT. Fortunately, you can save your game at the beginning of each chapter and use the F9 option for saving when you attempt a dangerous task and also when you succeed, or the F10 option to go back, if you fail; but don't use this option in the middle of a puzzle, since it won't work. Unfortunately, there are only 9 slots and 20 chapters, so it would be a good idea to copy the first 9 saved games on a floppy or a directory you've created, so that you can overwrite the old ones.

OK, if you are ready, here we go.

 Chapter I: Shadows

Watch the Intro. I know there is a walkthrough in the manual, but here is a better one. In the dark room at the start, look at everything that can be examined, even the paintings. Look out of the windows. There is a small table with some ammo (get it) and a book.

Step out towards the light, but turn right along the corridor to have a look. Here are some more doors which cannot be opened yet.

Go into the lit room and pick up the ammo on the table by the window. You'll notice a note is typing itself in the typewriter. I could do with a machine like that... Get the note and everything on the table. Read all the notes and examine everything you've found so far.

Now click on one of the doors and walk to the right to see what there is. Turn around and walk towards the window. Note the footprints and the decapitated rat on the floor. You can close the window, if you like. Personally, I'd bolt it AND bar it.

Go up the stairs and click on the candles to light them. Go on up the stairs to see what there is and come back here. Go to the end of the corridor and examine the painting. Light one candle and then walk across to the other - light it and glue yourself to the wall till the fireball trap is triggered (it blows the window at the other end of the corridor). Get the key and unlock the door in this corridor. Go in and watch. Oo-er... Scary, innit?

 Chapter II: Sings and Portents

When the video clip is over, light the candles, find the light switch on the wall and turn it on. Pick up everything on the table and read the letters. You won't need the three masks, but you can get them if you like. Get the rusty sword and the shield by the fireplace and also the letter on the floor by the shield. Read all the letters. Click on the gramophone. Click on the face of the clock and keep clicking till one hand points at 12 and the other at 6: the door will open. This will mean something to you later on.

Pick up all the statuettes. Go to the sarcophagus and click on each indentation on the floor around it to place the statuettes on them. You'll notice you are going to need some more. I think that's about it.

Now click on a book in the bookcase to the right of the picture and it will swing open. Save and ready your gun. Don't rush in - advance slowly and start blasting away the moment you see the nasty. Don't waste ammo, four bullets will do it.

Continue to a room with a fence, where you can see some lava: step into it, wait a few seconds and dispose of the nasty. There will be a cave-in behind you, but don't let it worry you. You've got worse problems than that. Have a quick look at the square hollow by the shields to the right of the entrance. Go on.

At the room with the water, pause till a nasty comes out of the pool and shoot it. Quickly, pick up the ammo at the foot of the stairs, to your right, and get out through the opposite passage. Monsters continue appearing here at regular intervals.

At the foot of the stairs, equip your sword - if you've used the regulation four shots for each nasty, your gun will need reloading and, if you back off up the stairs while you are doing it, you'll be attacked from the rear. As soon as the nasty appears, start hacking and don't leave off until it drops. You should get away without a scratch.

Moving on, you'll come to a chamber with a pentagram on the floor. To your left, a locked door; beyond that, a passage going off to the left. To your right, at the end of the wall, a cupboard and a passage going off to the right. In front of you, to the right, a couple of boxes containing ammo.

Move across the room and turn your back on the wall. As soon as you look down to pick up the ammo, you'll hear a noise. Look up, aim a shot at the nasty and run around the room while you reload. You should be able to kill it without it getting at you.Again, be quick.

Go to the cupboard and pick up the ball and the ammo below, on the floor. Go to the door and click on the indentation; the ball will be placed automatically in it and the door will open. Don't rush in. Wait till the nasty materialises and shoot it, backing off if necessary. Now go in, pick up all the ammo by the chair and the scroll on the table. Look at this scroll - it's a map of the Mausoleum and you will recognize at the top the chamber with the pool and also the room you are in just now. Examine the rest of the map and note "regardez" (in case you did German at school instead of French, it means "look"). "What's on the other side of the door?", at the bottom of the map, doesn't sound good to me. At any rate, you'll be able to consult it whenever you want to orientate yourself.

OK, on the other piece of furniture you'll find a healing potion (which you should not need at all right now) and a paper. Have a look at it. Save and open the door by clicking on the ball and then on the indentation again.

Turn left and go through the passage to the left. As soon as the nasty appears turn around and run back into the room, otherwise you'll be attacked from behind. Dodging at speed, you should be able to kill both nasties without getting hurt.

Now it's safe to go through the passage, but: equip the sword and save your game. Go along the corridor and turn to enter the room, do so cautiously and, as soon as three nasties pop up from the floor, back off, turn quickly to the right and hack away with the sword. As soon as the monster which was at your back is dead, run off up the stairs, equip the gun and come back to pick off the other three. I am afraid you are going to sustain some damage, but you might like to know I got away with the loss of only three sections of the green bar.

Once it is safe, go in and pick up the shotgun, the ammo and the two healing potions. Don't use the potions unless you must: by the way, the roundish bottles give you a few health points and the narrow bottles a lot more. Back to the room with the pentagram - this time, follow the passage by the cupboard.

Careful. Peek around corners. If you hear a clanking noise, wait till it dies down, when go around the corner and blast the monster robot while it's walking away from you. There are three in this section, keep your distance; you must blow these monsters completely away, i.e., don't let them lay about on the ground.

Next, you step into a room on top of some stairs. There is a door on the left, let's go through it. There is a triangular dais in the middle and, near the entrance there is door A, next to it door B and, behind the sarcophagus, a secret door C.Pull the lever of door A and go through. Go along the corridor. You will see a door in the corridor in front of you - there are also a lot of guards and you should try to clear them before you do anything else. Wait till the first passes by and go after it. Go right around shooting all the guards around the corridor; if they get too close, run. While going around you will see a blind alley in which there are two guards. Kill them. I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to suspect that those big pentagrams on the floor spew out monsters. Dur...

OK, you've done your best, go back to the door you saw from the passage. Go in and search the boxes for ammo. When you've done, pull the lever you'll see by the bars and be ready to open the door and run to the left and straight into the open door. Turn to your left and shoot the nasty. Run to the other end of the room and take the key on the wall. Face the door and be prepared to shoot another guard. Start picking up ammo from the boxes. Save yet again.

Go to the door and open it - DO NOT step out. If you can see any guards wandering about and within range, shoot them. Inch forward till you hear a message. Oh, dear, I think we've upset them, now. Back off immediately into the room. There are some of those nasty robots out there, and the pentagram will no doubt spew out the odd guard. Keep opening the door and shooting at whatever you can see, but on no account must you find yourself outside and locked out. You should be able to destroy all three robots from the safety of the room.

When you've done, leave and go back to the room with the triangular dais. Let's go through door B. Advance slowly till you see a room with a golden circle in the distance. Save your game. Press CapsLock to get into Run Mode, run in like mad and to your right, click on the circle with the hand near the pentagram, run to the other side of the room and click on the other two circles, then run to an short passage to the left of the pentagram section and press the last of the circles. DO NOT pick a fight with the robots. When you press the last circle, they'll collapse. Blast them away. You should be able to do all this without getting hurt.

Now step up over the pentagram and click on the wall to read the message, then back off onto the pentagram and you'll be teleported to a hall with two huge statues. Advance to the one you are facing, to the right of it and behind the columns, up against the wall. Click on the statue and choose the option of speaking the words. Turn to your left and, from the relative safety of the columns, shoot the two nasties which will turn up.

Go through the newly opened passage. Oo, it's dark in here. Keep going till you come to a door which is missing something. Go back to the hall with the statues.As you come out you'll notice two doors, to the right and left - ignore them for now and advance to the archway on the right. Go through the door you'll find there. To your left there is a portcullis which leads to the secret entrance C behind the sarcophagus in the room with the triangular dais, so ignore it for now. Go instead through the door with the writing on it, go right in, turn around and shoot the guard which will appear. Pick up the ammo.

Come out of this room and go left along a corridor; enter a weird door. Go up to the throne and read the messages to the left and right, then sit on it. Watch. This is something which must be done.

Go out of this room and keep left. Go through two doors to a store room, get the ammo; then go back to the hall, turn left and go through the door without a lock. Oops! I think that, at this point, a spot of healing potion wouldn't come amiss. Turn right around and see if you can spot a potion by the door you just crashed through. Now follow the corridor with great care: there are three guards to slaughter, lurking inside the room. When you've killed them, click on the portcullis three times to get it open. Pick up the ammo and go upstairs: you'll no doubt recognise where you are, so get back to the hall.

Now is the time to go to the door with the keyhole and open it. Go in and follow the corridor till you come to a large room. Hug the right and, in the second room you'll come to, you will find an altar. Click on it and watch the video. Take the artifact.

When the clip is over, back off to the right and start blasting at the two horrors which will come at you. A very handy weapon, this staff, it seems to replenish itself with ammo. Walk back to the entrance, turn your back on the stairs and turn left to visit the other half of this complex. You will have spied the pentagram on the floor and no doubt, like me, you'll smell a rat.

Change to run mode with CapsLock and run like the wind into the chamber you'll see at the other side of the bridge. Turn around and start blasting. Now pick up the potions and leave.

At the hall, go through the door behind the statue which sunk through the floor. As you enter, you get into another video. It doesn't matter which lines you choose. Watch. Oh, boy, are we in trouble! As soon as the clip is over, blast one of the skeletons with the staff and run through the gap to deal with the other two. You should get minimal damage, but get well topped up with healing potions before you proceed.

Now you can go to the door with the missing something and click on the hollow. You can go in. Search carefully behind and around the tombs, either side of the corridor, till you come to the water (at least, I think it's water).

Next, take one side of the water and then the other, searching still (there is a statuette to be found), but giving a wide berth to the altar at the top. Save half way through so that you make no mistakes. When you've searched all the nooks and crannies, go to the other end of the water, opposite the altar so that you are facing it square on. Save. Click on CapsLock and run (on water?) to the altar. Watch the video: then pick up the potions, hitch your trousers up and run out of this place, dodging skeletons, as fast as you can. You'll probably have to zig-zag through. You'll get the odd blow here and there, but that's better than staying behind and getting killed. The skeletons seem to come back to life after you've shot them unless you blast them when they go down: don't even bother. There's just too many of them.

Make your way back to the bookcase through which you came in. You might meet a couple of bad guys on the way there, but by now you know how to handle them. In the room with the statues, don't attempt to get up the stairs because you'll be locked it. Instead, go through the archway to the right, open the portcullis to the left and go through the secret door C to the room with the triangular dais. When you reach the room with the cave-in, find the square recess by the shields and click on it to get a secret door opened. This will let you through. When you reach the library, you'll meet Rebecca who then joins you. Just watch the video.

 Chapter III: Keeper Of Time

At the library, examine your inventory and discuss the sarcophagus. Don't put the statuette you are carrying on one of the indentations - you are going to need it. Go out of the door and look to your left, because a nasty is about to materialize.

Go downstairs, ready to come back up at a run. As soon as you step on a certain part of the corridor, two nasties will pop up from nowhere, one of them behind you: so dodge, run up the stairs and turn, backing off and shooting as you go. When that's done, go down the stairs again.

Now, a lot of doors will be unlocked and I don't suppose it matters in which order you visit them but, as is my custom unless a have good reason to do otherwise, I will hug the left wall. So, the first room you come to contains a green dome. The next one along is locked. The next one is a bedroom: go in, turn around and turn the light on with the switch. Find a potion on the mantlepiece and move the chest. Aha.

Come out of the door through which you came in and try the door which was locked before - it is now open. Look around. Right by the door, on the floor, you'll see a tile of a different colour to the rest. Click on it and the other door will open. Inside you'll find a map of the house which I couldn't figure out. May be you can.

Go back to the bedroom and cross it to exit through the opposite door. Outside, click on the sword to open the door to the left. Go upstairs and stop at the first landing - there is a door to your right. This appears to be an armoury. Find the ammo, look at the painting and pick up the scroll from the top of the bookcase. If you don't get out quick, two skeletons will give you heck. If they appear, don't forget to blast them to smithereens when they fall, otherwise they'll get up again. OK, leave and continue up the stairs.

In this room there is a circular stone, this apparently being the Tower Gate; and we are told we are not properly dressed, so let's leave for now. Go all the way down the stairs and continue to hug the left wall. Open the next door and you'll see some paintings. Step smartly back, there is a nasty behind the door - tease him out and let it chase you, for a change. Once you've killed it, go into the picture gallery. At the other end you'll find a helmet. Get it and use it to see a nice video. Look at the map. Go through the door to the left of the map and you'll be in the dark room in which the game started. Right, I think we've covered this section.

Now go to the lit room with the typewriter and take the door to the right. In this room there is a scroll (I hope you are looking at each item as you get it). Go through the next door to a room with a fire. Look at the maps. When the fire flares up, pick up the crystal inside it. Open the door cautiously, you are about to be attacked by two nasties, so be ready to back off. When you've killed them, go back to the room with the typewriter. Take the door to your right and cross the corridor to the room with the green dome. Click on it.

Watch the video, ask for a key and accept the test. At the end, go to the window and get the masks. Click on the gem to get back. Watch.

 Chapter IV: Tales From The Tower

Well, I guess we'd better get ourselves to the Tower Gate, so out of this room, turn left, through the door, through the opposite door, to the left and up the stairs. In the Tower Gate room, stand on the stone and use the masks. Watch.

You meet Raphael, the guardian of the Tower, who gives you a long schpiel. I don't know about you, but I haven't understood one word anyone has said so far. Still, who cares, I'm having fun, aren't you? Right, when he has done, follow the path and branch either left or right, it doesn't matter. Have a look around. If you click on the stones with glowing runes on them, you get healed - use them only if you need to. You'll be coming back here. Eventually you'll go through a shimmering gate and wind up on another stone.

You will find yourself on a courtyard, where statues whisper words I couldn't quite make out. I hope they weren't rude. I mean to say. You will see three doors, one is boarded up. The one next to it contains nothing (as far as I could see, and it was pitch dark) but a nasty. Take my advice and leave it alone; nothing worse than fighting what you cannot see. The next door along was locked. So I had a search around and I found the key in the round pond. Unlock the door, go on in and pick up the scroll. This upsets someone and a lot of nasties appear. No sweat. Shoot them through the window or stand at the open door, press End to tilt down and just keep blasting at them till they are all dead. No need to step out and get yourself hurt. When the coast is clear, go back to the stone and use the masks. Watch.

 Chapter V: The Offering

From where you are, keep going left: you'll eventually come to a mantel stone with the rune for Heled/Earth (as well as the camp fire). Stand on it - as you step off, a circle with a hand appears on the wall (press it) and the green runes explode. Go through the door, left, and downstairs. (Don't bother with the stairs to the right, they are blocked). Note the circle on the wall and the pentagram on the floor. Standing on the stairs, shoot at the circle. See? A pillar raises from the floor. When it comes down, go through the door to the left. Advance the length of this hall, stand on the square recess and turn around. Wait a few seconds and two nasties will drop from above. Kill them and then tilt forward with PgDown and click on the circle to put the statuette on it. The pillar will raise - take the key. When it goes down again, retrieve the statuette and go through the door. You could go up the stairs, but there is nothing there.

Outside the door, keep on till you see two torn doors. As you go through the archway, you'll hear a noise and three huge demons with axes will appear. Turn around and run to the stairs. You have to lure them, one by one (there are three of them) on to the pentagram and then shoot the circle, whereupon they get squashed. Most satisfying. Just run forward till you see them and then double back - they should follow you. When you've crushed all three, go on through the archway and you will see two doors, one of which you cannot reach because of the crates. Open the other one, turn around, switch the light on, turn around and pull the lever. Face the door.

Are you ready? Open the door and run to the stairs, there is another demon after you. Dispose of it the usual way. Now you can go back and work your way around the crates to the now accessible door. Go right and through the other door and get the goodies. As you come out, you get attacked again. Go down the stairs to the right, in front of you. Follow corridor till you come into a cavern. Keep right and you'll meet a Spirit. Watch. Continue to keep right and you'll find a passage. You will come out at the caves.

Now, this is a rather difficult section because it is so very dark and you don't have a compass. Examine the map of the caves and see if that will do you any good. Personally, I kept to the right and hoped for the best. You'll be continually beset by those flying horrors. Basically, what you need to do is to find a red crystal and a red daemon to the East. There is also an altar and, behind it, a teleporter. Also some goodies. But this is not essential. Nevertheless, feel free to explore as you please.

As I said, I cannot give you exact directions because I couldn't see where I was going, but keeping to the right got me to the red crystal and eventually, to the red demon. Click on it, watch the video and use the red crystal. This takes you to the next chapter.

 Chapter VI: Journal Of Evil

As you walk straight on and a slab drops and uncovers some stairs, be careful: there are two extra-nasty beasties - try to shoot them from the stairs and dodge the green spells they throw at you. When you've killed them, advance and you'll see moving platforms. Press End so that you are looking down, and work your way across. When you get to the other end, turn left and up the stairs. Go through the door. Don't forget to investigate all open crates: throughout this section, look for the switches to turn the light on.

Keeping left, go through the first door to a room with suits of armour. Look around: there is a potion on top of the bookcase. Enter the next door. It's a bedroom. Underneath the bed is an important staff. Look inside the chest and get the potions and check out the wardrobe - there is a locked locker in it. If you go through the next door you'll see a mantel stone which isn't working.

Go along to the next door and pause. If you hear a swishing noise close by, stay put till it dies away. Then, open the door, turn right and kill the monster: a gun won't probably do it. However, the staff you've just picked up does not replenish itself, so you should keep, if you can, it for really awkward occasions - preferably, to the very end of the game. Afterwards, switch to the gun and look inside the crate. Turn around and go up the stairs.

In the next room there are lots of gorillas (or at least, they look like gorillas). You will have to entice them one by one down the stairs while you shoot them. There is quite a lot of them, so keep going up into the room and down the stairs. When you've killed them all, stay in the room with the flickering lights. Open the door and turn left, till you get to a corridor, then right to face one of those swishing monsters - blast him as you back up into the corridor.

Actually, this is a dead end, but it should have been useful to destroy the creature. Go back to the door ant go right look around and you will see a gap in the balustrade. If you look closely, you will see a switch on the wall by this gap: turn the light on and go up a short flight of stairs into an observatory. Look around and take everything on the table. Go back to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, examine everything you've just taken. You'll find a key inside the Journal (read it). Use it on the locker to get the last statuette. Go out and through the opposite door, and find the door with the hole through which you entered this section. Go down the stairs and turn left. Be ready for another one of those gorillas. When you've killed it, advance to the lit square and click on the breastplate. Watch. At the end of the video, be prepared to move quickly and deal with a couple of nasties. In the lit recess you'll find a couple of potions. Continue along the left and you'll come to a small wooden door.

Enter and look to your left: you'll see a silhouette of the staff. Click on it and the stone will raise. Step on it and we are through to the library.

 Chapter VII: Beyond The Gate

Place the two statuettes in the remaining indentations and the sarcophagus will open. Go down the ladder and along the corridor till you come to a gigantic clock. Look at the walls around it. Find the double stairs and go up. Use the End key to look down and see the controls for the clock hands. Click on them till you set them to six o'clock (as you saw in the Library). Now press Home and click on the circle with the hand on the wall. This will open the door at the other end of the hall.

Equip the shield and go through: go up the stairs and follow the corridor till you get to a place where you can hear water. Equip a gun, go left, shoot the two headed creature and get the chalice. Click on the waterspout to fill it. Leave and turn left. Go along here and down the stairs till you stop on the circular mosaic. Watch.

Turn left and advance to the door. Throw the chalice of water (it should be equipped, like a weapon) at the door and it will open. Get the dagger. Watch. With the dagger equipped, go back to the mosaic. Watch.

 Chapter VIII: The Mark Of The Beast

At the end of the video turn left (the other room contains nothing, so don't bother) and go to the archway. Look at the lock. Turn around and go back to the stairs.

There is a reception committee waiting for you, so don't go all the way up the stairs. Leave about three rungs between you and the monsters. Equip the self-charging staff (blue skulls) and watch the creatures. Every time they turn around away from you, go up the stairs and shoot, then quickly go down again. The spells they hurl at you cannot hurt you this way. First kill the bloke in black (a James Bond look-alike - you'll be meeting more like him, and they get deadlier). The green demon is tougher; but keep going up and down till you destroy it. When they are dead, continue along the corridor till you come to the square block, go along one of the sides and another creature will materialize, shoot it, taking cover behind the block if you need to. Descend cautiously to the clock room and entice the green demons you will see there up the stairs. You can play hide and seek behind the block - keep running around it, shooting, and back again. Run around the block till you destroy the creature. Do it all once more to destroy the other.

Now go back to the library; be prepared to meet another one of those blokes in black, but he won't be a problem: just dodge side to side while shooting at him.

Once there, save before you leave the library by the door. As you turn right and get to the end of the corridor, there will be two monsters waiting from you, one coming from upstairs, the other coming from downstairs. Hug the right wall and deal first with the one from downstairs. Draw him into the corridor, shooting as you go, then ran past him, down the stairs and along the corridor shooting. If necessary, run around him again and keep moving and shooting along the corridor. You don't need to get the guy upstairs but, if you want to, use the same tactics of hit and run.

Go into the room with the typewriter and, from there, to the hall. Be careful, there will be one of those blokes in black soon. Step into the hall, the rune will explode and the creature will appear. Dodge behind the suit of armour on your right and shoot till he's dead.

Open the door by the light switch (there is a card to pick up as well, before you go through). You have a new section to explore, and the whole thing is as confusing as ever. Consult your house map, see if that helps you. Not only there are many doors, going in all directions: but since you have to run the gauntlet of endless monsters, and that means you have to run around so that they can't lay their mitts on you, you often lose your sense of direction. Again, most rooms are so alike, you don't know whether you've been to them or not!

The most important thing here is to get a statuette. So, from the first door, keep left and open the first one you come to. Inside you'll see a pentagram surrounded by candles. Start lighting them and a monster will appear. Do your stuff and kill him. Finish lighting the candles. Watch. A REAL nasty appears - don't let him catch you. Keep going round the room shooting at him. When he is dead, pick up the statuette. Go through the next door and up some stairs and open the locker. Inside, some ammo and a potion. Leave through the other door. Keep going left and opening doors. In some stairs going down and blocked there is another cupboard with goodies in it.

You will come to the dinning hall. Jump on the table (press A) and get the potions. Leave through the other door. If going through a door takes you to a place you've been already, go back and take the next door to the left. You should find your way outdoors. Going down some stairs, you'll see others going up in front of you. Before you go up them, search the courtyard for a potion. Also, figure out which is the nearest place in which you can take refuge because you are going to leave in a hurry. Then, go up the stairs, open the door, and kill the beast from the doorway. Go in, walk around to a niche opposite the door, grab the blunderbuss you'll see there and start running out of this room and find your way to the nearest door: the courtyard will be heaving with monsters. You can deal with all the baddies shooting at them through the windows or from the door you've chosen.

OK, when you are sure you've explored all this section, find the door with the panel beside it for which you need the statuette. Click on the indentation to open the door. Walk in and wait till the monologue is over.

 Chapter IX: By The Seven Be Bound

Turn quickly to the door and turn the light on, then run up and down shooting at the monster which will have materialized. Don't attempt to do it in the dark, he'll get you for sure. Pick up everything you can lay your hands on and examine it.

Turn to the door, open it and, without leaving the room, shoot the monsters in the corridor. Then go out, retrieve the statuette and take the door to your right. In the courtyard, go to the mantel stone for another video clip.

Go through the only door available and keep right till you come to a door for which you also need the statuette. Go in and take the door to the left. This is a maze, and the only advice I can give you is follow the corridors in which there are a lot of squishy rats. Ugh. This will take you to a room with a pool in it. Go around it and enter a double door - ignore the two doors either side, there is nothing in them. As you advance into this room, you get another video clip.

 Chapter X: The Key Of Tears

At the end of the video, pick up a green crystal. Go behind the altar, look at the painting, turn around and pull the lever to go through the doors to the right.

In, stand on the stone and use the mask. When you get to the other side, don't hang around. Go quickly through the shimmering gate. Once inside you'll be reasonably safe - there are very wicked flying dragons out there. The best thing to use on them is a magic weapon. Consult the map for the Tower and figure out where you are. You should recognise quite easily where you started from (if in doubt, take a quick peek outside). Check the symbol for the Raquia gate and figure out how to get there. Consult your map every time you reach a shimmering gate to make sure you are on the right tack. If in your travels you find there is a beast where you want to go, shoot it from afar.

Eventually, you will make it to the stone and you'll reach your destination. Ah, it's nice to be outdoors, breathe that fresh air, listen to the birds singing... and keep a sharp look out for the odd monster. Mainly, you are heading for the tower. Head away from the stone, over the bridge and take any road you like, try right: when you run out of road, go through the gaps in the hedges. After a good wander around, you'll eventually hit the stairs to the tower. But first, you have to deal with the maze. As you enter it, you'll get a video clip. Next, consult the map of the maze and see where everything is.

First, the earplugs. They are just by the side of the pool. Then the jewelled haunch. There is a switch behind the bench which lowers the block and allows you to grab the meat. Go on to get the pipes. You have to jump on the two blocks - try it in Running Mode (CapsLock): missing will set you back some health points. Finally, the ring. You have to be very patient and get onto the floating platforms. Falling off you cost you a lot of health points if not all. So get out of Running Mode, press End to look down, and wait patiently till you get the chance of stepping on the slabs. Once you've got the ring, come back the same way.

Now it's just a matter of leaving this spot and keeping left to get to the tower. Before you enter, examine all the items. Once in, use the haunch on the beast. Click on the portcullis to get in. I suppose there are other ways to get to the beginning of the puzzles, but I just hugged the left wall and eventually I got to a room with lots of stairs and moving platforms.

The trick here is to get to the other room without making the bell ring. Since you are allowed to touch the floor once, we might as well make the most of it. Go down the stairs to the left, walk more or less along the left wall till you see some stairs going up. Climb up and jump across to a slab, turn right and jump onto the sliding platform; when it gets to the other side jump onto the up and down block and walk to the end of it. Turn left and jump on the moving platform. Turn left and, when the platform hits the wall, jump on the next block. Walk along here to the end (ignore the lever), turn left and jump onto the next moving platform. Turn right and, when you get there, jump into the corridor.

Go through the door and have a look at the centre block and the indentation below it. We are going to open all the doors, starting from the first on the left; however, do not step inside just like that, first have a look. Some are not safe. By the way, you want to stand well back, otherwise the doors don't have room to fly open.

Right. At the first door, with the musical notes on it, play the pipes. Go in and get the oil and the spectacles. Move on to the next door with a face on it. For this you need a password, which you don't yet have. Move on to the next door. Look at the statue before you go in and wear the earplugs, i.e., "use" them. Go in and take the key from the belt of the statue.

Go to the next door and open it. Look at the floor: it is ice, best not venture on it yet.

The next door is a library. You automatically use the oil on the hinges, so that the door doesn't make a noise on opening. Use the spectacles and you see some rays. Jump the two between you and the desk, pick up the scroll, turn around and jump twice again to reach the door. Have a look at the scroll.

Go on to the next door. This is a chapel. Advance to the window and pick up all the gems (you'll have to use Home to get the red one). Now use End to look at the pentagram below. All you do is click on a gem and then on the proper point. R is red, O is orange, Y is yellow, G is green, I is dark blue, B is light blue and V is violet. At the end you get a key.

Next door. Look at the floor - something peculiar about it. Best not try it yet. Go to the door with the face and say Spirit. Go in and pick up the warm potion from the fire (don't get too close or you'll get burned). Take it to the room with the ice and use it on the floor. Go in and pick up the armlet. Then go to the room with the funny floor, use the armlet and go in. Open the other door, go in and open the locker (I guess with the rainbow key) and get the potion and the gem.

Go and place the gem in the indentation; when the block comes down, stand on it; when it goes up, walk along the glass platform to the corridor in front.

Open the door and have a good look. You have to pick your way to the opposite corner to the left without the gems exploding. Crouch (press Z) so that you can see the gems in your path. You must steer a course where you see no gems to your left or right (nor, of course, in front of you!). If you see even a glimpse of a gem either side of you, move slightly till you have a clear space in front. First advance towards the opposite corner to the right, then go along the wall for a bit, then turn left and advance diagonally, then turn right and advance to the gem in the corner. Pick it up an use it on the ring. Turn around and wait till the gems disappear. Now go to the double doors on the left and go in. Stand on the pedestal and use the ring. Watch.

 Chapter XI: Captive Angel

Now, the good news is that you have to go all the way back to the mosaic circle and the lock. The bad news is that your path will be heaving with monsters. How are you off for healing potions?

Leave this room. When you get to the bell room, see if you can get away with dropping onto the floor and walking up the stairs on the other side. Find your way out of the Tower.

At the maze, use the map and work your way out. Before you actually leave it, change to Run Mode and run, dodging, all the way to the mantel stone. When you get to the Tower, press End to see where you are going and make it to the first shimmering gates. Consult the map and work out your route to the Earth stone. Keep going and mind out for those flying dragons. From the stone, you'll get to the other one.

When you come out in the altar room, inch slowly to the stairs down (use End). Stop at the very first and crouch. Hit the James Bond first and, if you don't want to spend half an hour shooting at the demon with the axe, run out of this room.

Now follow the crunchy ratty road but listen carefully - there are lots of those scissory monsters around. You should be able to pick them off by getting behind them as they move away and then backing off into other corridors. Don't get cornered.

Once you've found your way out and back into the house, you should recognize the way to the library. Go down the sarcophagus and all the way to the lock. As you advance to it, you get a video and the chance to converse with the guy you've just freed. Talk about everything - Rebecca will remember if you need to recall it.

 Chapter XII: St. Michael's

Wot, Marks and Spencers? Here?

Go along the stairs and step on the stone. Save immediately you arrive, because you are going to be attacked; turn to the left and run like mad to a double door which has a red rune on it. As you approach it blasts. Get in quick, and shut the door. Turn to face it. To the right, open a little cupboard and get a magical torch. Look down and click on the mat to get a wand.

Now, to save myself the trouble of repeating it till you are sick of it, you must carry the torch in your hand at all times (i.e, if you pick something else up, look at it, and then equip the torch once more). Every time you see a red or green rune, stand well away from it and fire with the wand to dispel it and make a door available. Got it? I will warn you when to equip a weapon. So, try the door to the right. It's locked, so try the one on the left instead. This leads to a kitchen. In the fridge, there is a key. You can go out by the door to the left of the fridge. Move towards the foot of the stairs, turn around and blast the runes away. Go to through the door to the left. Clicking on the remote control on the table, the TV starts. Look at it. Have a look around, observing the locked door, and leave.

Go through the door opposite. At the end of a short corridor there is another door. Equip a weapon. Go through, turn to your left and turn the light on. Go down to the landing and, as soon as you hear a roar, turn around and go back up through the door. Come back, creep down to the landing and, with a bit of luck, you should be able to pick off two of the monsters. Go down the stairs and deal with the third, dodging and running around. Ignore the monster behind bars, only don't get too close. Look around and note the ornate door - a candle opposite it can be lit. Blast the rune and go through to the laboratory. Here you'll find a healing potion and an ornate key (on the floor, by the door). Leave and use the key on the ornate door. Go through and have a look. Make sure you're holding the right equipment (wand and torch).

Go all the way to the front door and start up the stairs. Go for the door to the left. Inside, you'll find a wardrobe. Open it, stand back and blast. Go inside and slide the panel. You'll find a cupboard that opens in front of you. Blast the rune you can see, switch the light on. The other cupboard is locked. Leave.

Go to the next door on the left. Do the necessaries and go through to a bathroom. Switch the light on. Before you unlock the other door with the key from the fridge, equip a weapon. Open the door, turn to your left to turn the switch on and step into the room. As soon as the three nasties appear run out of the door and close it. Let them simmer down for a bit and then open the door and pick them off. If they come too close, shut the door. When you've killed them, go in and get a key from the bedside table. Go back to the wardrobe and unlock the little cupboard. Get the key.

Now you could go to the front door and unlock the locked door. Don't. Instead, go round through the TV room and in through there, otherwise you get sandwiched between two nasties. From the TV room door, you can kill them at your leisure; as ever, if they come too close, shut the door. When you've killed them, go in and take the three books from the bookcase. The brown one will explode in your hand and fall on the floor. Press PgDown to see and pick it up. When you examine it, you'll see it contains a key. Examine the other two books.

Go to the front door. Equip a weapon. I'm telling you, it is positively chock-a-block full of monsters out there. Open the double doors and shut one of them, then shoot at whatever you can see. Shut the other door. If you have a magic weapon, wait till it recharges. Keep doing this till you've cleared the opposition. Unfortunately, when the noise has died down and you know you've killed them all, you've only got to step out of the house for some more to materialize. Get back in and do it again. This time it will be safe to go on to the church. Well, relatively safe. Weapon at the ready, step in and step smartly back again - a monster will drop from above. Keep retreating and shooting. When you've killed the beast, examine the floor where he exploded and get the coin.

Go back into the church, put the coin in the collection box and the door will open. Go right in and examine the window behind the altar. Watch - you end up with two feathers. Walk around the pulpit and get the notebook. Read it.

Try the door of the chapel and it will be locked. Go back to the church door and turn right. Go in through that door. Pick up the tiara in the first stage and go on up to pick up a key in the next stage. Go back to the chapel and unlock the door. Make sure you have a weapon ready. Go in and have a look around. Note the painting to your left. Examine the statue, put a red feather in the slot and then the tiara on the statue. Two monsters pop up - you know what to do. Get out and keep opening the door and shutting it and shooting at them till you kill them. Go back in, take the red feather and put the green feather in its stead. The painting will open. Go in and get the helm. Watch.

 Chapter XIII: Sword Of The Dragon

Take the two potions from inside the painting. Go to the mantel stone.

When you get to the Tower, examine the map to know how to get to your next destination. Remember to watch out for those flying dragons - only magic weapons seem to do the trick. When you get to Aqura, go along the path and find a door to the central complex. Wander around here: you are looking for a circular dais with a red motif. Step on that to get to another level.

Examine the fountain. Note the four shimmering doors. Look at the floor and you'll see two small circular plaques, one with an eye, the other with a chalice. Click on the one with an eye and you'll pop up in an room with stairs going up and down. The idea is to climb as high as you can and spot the magnifying glass. Take it and find the small round plaque (climb up and down stairs till you do) and click on it to get back to the fountain. Do the same with other circular plaque to get the chalice.

Once back at the fountain use the chalice filled with water as a weapon to open all four doors (refill the chalice by clicking on the water). With all the doors open, go around collecting all the items available. Use the magnifying glass on closed panels to reveal words. Then combine the items by using one on the other, thus: cylinder + flint, pestle + mortar, red powder + black powder. The fan you cannot combine with anything. The panel without words can be opened to produce a scroll - look at it, it says BURN. Go to the panel which says BURN and combine the scroll with the cylinder + flint. Open the panel to get some tinder, combine it with the cylinder + flint to get fire. Open the panel which says GRIND and get the hookah. To open the panel which says BONG, combine the snow and the cylinder + flint. You get amber: combine it with the pestle + mortar to get incense. I hope I got all that right!

Now go to the fountain and place the fan on the panel with the cloud, the burning tinder on the panel with the flame, the incense on the panel with the yellow square and the snow on the panel with the double wave. Rebecca will then tell you to combine the offerings. Combine the snow + hookah, add the incense to it, then the fire, and then the fan. Click on the water. Watch. You get the Dragon Sword.

 Chapter XIV: Vengeful Souls

Find the circular dais with the white motif to get back to the first area. Go back to the mantel stone.

Back at the Tower, consult your map and go to the Haled/Earth stone. On the way, mind out for flying dragons. I found myself going on a road crossing over another - three of those exploding creatures were wandering up and down below, so I killed them at my leisure and then got myself over there and picked up the healing potions they dropped. You might like to go around killing some more for more potions - always, of course, from a safe distance.

When you get to the stone and step on it, you get another video clip. Just watch.

 The Prisoner

Nothing much you can do at the moment, so just watch the next clip.

 Chapter XV: Where The Dead Lie

When you are in charge, take the notices and read them. Leave and have a look at the cells next to yours. The first one contains nothing, but the second one has a nice little cache of goodies plus a map. Continue and go up the stairs. Before you open the next door, be ready for action. Open it, step into the room and, when the 007 types appear, get out quick and fight from the safety of the door, closing it whenever they come too close. You might have to nip in and entice them towards you.

At the end, go through the room and open the door. As soon as you step out of the garden, hundreds of the blokes in black will appear. This is getting tedious. You can do two things: run around like a headless chicken and get killed every five minutes, or find shelter and dispose of them one by one. I rushed out and looked for somewhere to get into and couldn't find any place (especially since everyone was shooting at me like there was not tomorrow and I couldn't linger), so I opted to get back behind the doors and try the old trick. It took aaages.

However, it was worth while. At the end, go straight for a gate - you'll come to a door with a rune which cannot be opened. Turn to the right, advance, and you'll see three lots of fire. Click on them to use the journal on them and then shoot at them to close the walls. Go through the door which will open (it seemed the only one that did), also to the right of the fires. Follow along here.

 Chapter XVI: The Gate

Continue along a tunnel but, before you leave it, try and shoot as many of the monsters outside without getting hurt. If things get too hot, it's CapsLock time and run in a straight line till you get into the maze. Consult the Graveyard Maze map and do your best to get to the middle without being slaughtered. You know the tactics - hide and hit, hit and run, or just plain run.

When you get to the centre, stand on the mantel stone and use the mask. Turn right around and be prepared for one of those flying dragons. Consult your map and figure out where you are and how to get to the Shaol mantel stone. Along the way, you will meet many of those exploding monsters which, since they drop healing potions, are well-worth killing, specially from a distance. A bunch of them came at me on the path, so I retreated into the shimmering gate, which they could not enter: I waited till they turned their back on me, nipped out and shot them. I collected a nice lot of potions like that. At any rate, continue to the stone, which will not work. Go on, till you come to a gap. Shoot the creature on the other side then leap, and go and enter another shimmering gate: inside, the sword and the shrive. Now you've got them, you can go back to the mantel stone and this time it will work.

When you get to the other side, go through the gate and talk to the guardian. Because there is only one green crystal, you are on your own when you enter the gate. You turn up on top of a shelf. You have to get down from there, braving a Speedy Gonzalez monster (there are plenty of others). A fully charged dagger seems to kill them off, but run backwards from them while you are shooting, and don't let them touch you. Listen for them and be prepared.

At any rate, go around the perimeter of this chamber. You will find four sets of double openings and some brains on the ground. You will also come to a machine. It seems you have to feed it 16 brains before you can escape from here. Look behind the machine to get another brain. And now it's a question of going into each opening and searching for the brains. I tried to map the place and I gave up; may be you are more patient or have the time. Just be thorough. In the circular chambers where there is a heart, you'll find more brains down below. When I collected 15 brains, I simply could not find the 16th. Then I noticed that, when you clicked on the hearts so that they descended, a new brain appeared below.

This, however, could have been a bug. As a matter of fact, my game kept crashing in this particular section - in a one-hour session, it crashed 11 times!

When you've fed the machine all 16 brains, the round platform will come down and then you can leave through the archway. Watch.

You'll be in another scenario talking to another you on the throne. Turn around and click on the red pillar and talk to the guy. Watch.

The good news is that all you have to do here is destroy 16 mirrors. The bad news is that, out of each, comes a pretty unbeatable monster. Soon, I was surrounded by them and I could not destroy them even through I tried every weapon on them. So, here is the answer: before you move from the red pillar, equip a reliable weapon (i.e., that will shoot quickly without you having to wait for it to recharge, such as the shotgun), move up the stairs to your left or right (without falling in), take the second corridor and start shooting mirrors, without pausing. The bad guys seem to disappear. There are 12 mirrors in the inner corridor and, from the throne, you can advance to enter into the chamber opposite and shoot another four. The one in the centre has another mirror at the back. Again, move quickly so that the baddies don't get at you. At the end, go back to the throne, which will come down, letting you through. Watch.

 Chapter XVII: Father Of Lies

Go back under the arch. A lot of puzzles to solve here. Step up to the circle on the wall, click on it, and a wall will slide behind you, to your left. Throughout this section, save before you attempt a puzzle; try various things till you get it right, then reload and do it correctly. It will help to press End so that you see where you are going. Don't use F9 and F10 to save and reload half way through a puzzle, or the whole thing will reset and leave you high and dry.

You might prefer not to look at the solutions, so shut your eyes...

Checkerboard: Stand on the third square from the left (brown), and assuming that North is in front of you, go N 3 times, W 2 times, N 2 times and E 3 times. Enter and press the hand. Turn around and go to the edge. With N behind you now, advance S x 2, E x 2, S x 3, W x 1, N x 1, W x 1, S x 1, W x 2, S x 1. OK, go to the next niche on your left.

The stepping stones: You have to get across the room by walking over the stepping stones, which can be moved with the controls on the wall to the right. First try using them to see how the blocks move. Then, facing, as it were, North, imagine that you have 7 spaces going down, which we will call them, N to S, 1 to 7; and then 4 spaces going across, which we will call, W to E, A to D. You need to place blocks in the following spaces: 7A, 6B, 5C, 4B, 3C, 2C, 1B. Then, pressing End to see what you are doing, walk transversally on the blocks and get into the corridor. Press the hand in the circle and return the way you came.

Shooting mirrors: You'll find yourself in a room in which, if you step on the red spots, you get a fireball where it hurts. What you have to do here is to smash four mirrors without getting fried. You can jump over the red spots ahead or diagonally, or you can walk around them diagonally, though this is more difficult. If you imagine that the room ahead of you is divided in squares, 7 x 5, and that ahead of you is North, draw yourself a little graph whereby from N to S the 7 squares are 1 to 7, and from West to East, A, B, C, D and E. From outside, jump diagonally to square 7B, then to 6C and then ahead to 4C. If you turn to your left you'll see a mirror coming backwards and forwards. Wait till it moves forwards and shoot it. Next, jump to 3D, 2E and 1D and shoot the mirror; now to 2E, 4E, 6E and 7D; shoot the mirror. Finally, 6C, 4C, 2C and shoot the mirror. It is Ok now to walk about on all squares, so go to 1A and go through to the corridor. Jump on the pedestal. Walk to 7E to find the exit. Still keeping left, go on to the next circle/puzzle.

Big guns: What you have to do here is to clear a path for the lower and upper guns so that they can shoot out more mirrors. Go behind the panel with the levers and the button and face the blocks. Supposing the levers were numbered 1 to 7, from left to right, pull 2, 3, 7 and 5; then press the button and the gun will shoot the mirror. Press the button again. Now you've got to clear a path for the upper gun. Pull 2, 6, 5. Press the button twice. Next puzzle.

The gems: This is easy-peasy. Advance to the contraption and click about 30 times on it's right side to turn it. Fire (press on the centre) to reveal some gems. Now click on the left side to turn it to the first gem and shoot it. Shoot all the gems and you can leave.

The maze: You'll find a crystal maze which you must enter. Look at all the circles with the hands. Press on the top right hand side one and on the bottom left hand side one. Now walk into the maze and press the other circle with the hand you'll see on a pedestal.

The floating balls: You have to break a mirror by bouncing a shot from ball to ball. You will see some dials in front of you. Taking the red point at the top as 1 and going around clockwise, set the dials as follows: first row, 1, 1, 5, 1; second row, 3, 6, 1, 8; third row, 1, 8, 8, 7. This should do the trick. Time to move on.

The kaleidoscope: Apply your right shoulder to the wall and follow it. If you come across a mirror, keep your right shoulder on it and continue. Eventually you'll come to a circle with a hand. Press it, apply your left shoulder to the wall and go out the way you came in.

As you come out to the circle on the wall, this is the last puzzle; move on to the next niche, from where you started the first puzzle. Face the circle, click on it until it goes dark. Turn around and face the entrance. This I will call 1. Turn left and go on to the next circle - 2. Now, counting circles and going left, click on circle 4 and, finally, on circle 8. However, before you click on that one, have a look at and the corridor leading to the kaleidoscope puzzle: you are going to have to retreat here in a hurry. So, click at the circle and you'll hear an irritating laugh. Look at the arch in the centre, just long enough to see what's coming and retreat into the corridor in such a way that a narrow slit allows you to shoot a the guy whereas he can't get at you. When you've killed him, click on his body to get a parchment. You can now go through the arch.

You've had it very easy so far, and it's about time the game got a little tougher. Before you go through the arch, equip your most effective weapon. I would advise you to save and have a trial run, just so that you know what is there. When you are through the arch, don't hang about. Pick up the potion behind you, run over the bridge and enter the castle - there are a couple of potions along the left wall. I think you are going to need them. Run towards the centre and find the green stone. As you move to the right to get to the path leading to it, you'll see Rebecca. Be nice. Watch.

Get immediately behind the tallest stone for some shelter - although you are mainly fighting the guy with the sword, watch your back. Basically, if you position yourself correctly behind the stone, his balls of fire will not affect you, whereas you can fire Aelf's dagger at him and wait for it to recharge in comfort. Once you've killed him, retrieve the shrive and the sword and then go and visit the Keep near by, where you'll find a familiar scene and also a healing potion. Go back to the green stone and click on it.

 Chapter XVIII: Threads

Don't panic! Don't panic!

Pick up the potions, on the floor and on the shelf of the window, and enter the cave. Hug the right wall. There is no way you are going to escape the hordes of monsters who are going to assail you, so pick convenient spots to kill them with a minimum of damage to yourself. I lost count of the number I had to kill and of the healing potions I needed.

When you come out of the cave, still hugging the right wall, cross the river and follow the wooden path (don't fall off) and then cross the bridge. Here, behind the stone wall, is another good spot to do some more killing. Then, go around with wall and to your right. Follow the path along the rock wall (retreat and kill the monsters, if you need to; but don't get caught in the open), and then cross the wooden bridge. There is trouble ahead. Enter the other cave and fight your way (or run) to the mantel stone. Save before you go through.

 Chapter XIX: The Gathering

This is just a video clip, in which you have a choice. Say that time is on your side, and do not kill Florentine. Watch what happens.

 Chapter XX: The Devil Takes The Hindmost...

Save immediately. You are in the courtyard of the house, surrounded by nasties and you must make it as quickly as possible to the hall and out of the front door. Have a trial run to remind yourself of the way - go through the double door in front of you and keep mostly left. I shouldn't hang around to fight with the James Bond look-alikes, there are too many of them.

Save before you burst into the hall: there, the granddaddy of all monsters will materialize. Find yourself a good defending point. The best spot is the column to the left of the door - wedge yourself in the corner so that the monster can't get at you whereas you can certainly shoot all your weapons at him, one after the other. At any rate, when you've destroyed the monster (a very tough cookie) you can go through the door. Watch.

End of story.

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