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The complete solution by Interplay

Realms of the Haunting
The complete solution
© Interplay (mirror of http://www.interplay.com/support/membership/displayhint.asp?file=75)


The player is a young man called Adam Randall. In the intro. Adam informs the player that his father, a preacher called Charles Randall, has recently died, at his Parish in Helston, Cornwall. Adam has been getting weird dreams, some of which concern a house and are really unpleasant. Others which aren't unpleasant involve a young woman.

Adam is then visited by a priest, calling himself Elias Camber, who claims to be a friend of his father's, and who informs Adam that over the last few months he has received a series of letters from Charles, hinting that 'all was not well at the house.' Then Charles dies, but not before - this priest says - he sends Camber a box addressed to Adam. Camber gives Adam the box and leaves.

Adam has discovered that there is no priest by that name and none of the correspondence can be found. The dreams have got worse. The box, when opened, contains some shattered fragments of what were evidently carved stone roundels. Adam has no idea what they are, but they exude power.


The game starts with Adam entering the house. Several of the rooms are closed to him. These cannot be accessed until later in the game when the wards can be broken.

As you travel through the house you will come across 7 golden serpents. These will be used later on. Collect them all.

The player accesses the Study by lighting the two candles beside a painting of a Sarcophagus. The painting will then reveal the key. Watch out for the fireball trap.

When he enters the Study Adam experiences a vision of his dead father, who tells him that there is something terribly wrong here. He pleads with Adam to save his soul, and to find someone called Aelf. He says that some very serious conflict is about to happen between two adversaries, whom he doesn't name. When he vanishes, a secret door in the bookcase can be accessed allowing Adam to enter the mausoleum.

Use the Metallic Orb located upon a shelf to open the door with the spherical aperture. Once inside take the two parchment/maps and look behind the sofa for the stash of weapon clips. From there, turn left out of the door and combat the four demons who guard the Shotgun, ammo, and healing vials. Head out from there down the last tunnel until you arrive at the large Shrine.

Turn left and open the door by use of the lever on the wall. Continue down the corridor. Access the first door you come to and pull the lever. This opens a secret door which you will see opening as you pull the lever. The door is on a timer so be quick before it shuts or you'll have to pull the lever again. Take the key that you find in this room.

Exit the room and head on out straight down the corridor until you come to a chamber which 'replenishes' the Automatons. Press the three Hand Glyphs on the walls. This action reveals the fourth. Press this and the process of activating the Automatons ends. Click with mouse to 'use' the writing which has appeared on the wall by the pillars.

Leave the area (the same way you came in) and go through the wooden door in the main shrine to enter through the door with the shimmering lights. In here sit on the Throne (left click on mouse). Adam is branded on both palms of his hands with a mysterious symbol.

Having been branded the player must make his way back to the large Shrine. The player then can use the key found earlier to unlock the lever found there. Walk down the corridor until you get to a chamber full of Angel statues. Take the Shrive and the fireball Staff.

Go back to the to the main statue at the end of the large Shrine and speak the 'words of power'. Head up the stairs which have been now revealed by the statue sinking into the floor.

Florentine then appears and demands the Shrive from Adam. As he departs he summons three skeletons to kill you.

The player should then use the Shrive to unlock the appropriate door. Go through this door and head to the end of the room. Along the way collect one of the hidden Golden Serpents in an alcove on the left. Aelf will appear at the end of the chamber. Collect the healing vials on the altar and head back to the Study. Watch out for the skeletons.

In the study Adam meets Rebecca for the first time.

At this point the wards locking the Armoury area of the house are destroyed.

Find a crystal by examining a fireplace. Take the document from the adjacent room. Use the crystal to activate a green dome. This takes Adam to talk to a being called the Gnarl. This creature tests Adam verbally (if he asks you if you trust in time - you say yes) and rewards him with two masks. These masks enable you to travel to the Tower (see later).

Go back to the house and continue to explore the Armoury.

Around this time you will find an ancient helmet. This reveals some background to the 'fall of the soulstone', Aelf and the Falshire Knights.

Left click on the chest in the dormitory to open the locked door in the next passageway. Enter this room and click on the coloured stone on the floor. This opens a further locked door. In this cupboard is a document.

You will come across another locked door. To open this door left click on the shield and sword display next to it on the right. Enter the first room on the right which is halfway up the stairs. Here Rebecca has a vision of someone as they enter the location. This is Gaul - the dark half of the two characters that Adam has been told about. Locate the document on top of the bookcase and the ammo at the far of the room but watch out for the skeletons.

Go through the door at the top of the stairs and when the voice tells you to "Walk unto the Gate..." stand on the plinth. Then go to the inventory and use [left then right click] one of the masks you got from the Gnarl. You should now find yourself in the Tower location - a gateway between the different realms.

In the Tower you meet Raphael. He is a guide and warns them of the Ire, a cloud of evil spirits which consumes unwary travellers. Leaving Raphael make your way to one of the two shimmering doors of light, enter then locate the next Tower Gate. This takes you to the Interior Gardens of this house.

Locate a key in one of the pools [enter and use 'z' to crouch]. Use the key to open one of the outhouse doors. Inside you will find a map. Once you have the map use the Tower gate to go back to the house. Watch out for the demons who are out to stop you.

At this point the door to the North West Wing becomes 'un-warded'. Left click on the hand glyph that appears on the wall and go through the un-warded door.

At the bottom of the stairs you come across some demons. These can only be destroyed by crushing them against the ceiling. This is done by firing at the target on the wall, you�ll see what we mean. Go through the left hand door to enter the Shrine. You must collect a key which is suspended above the chamber in mid-air. This is done by placing one of the golden serpents on the golden floor tile. Adam recovers the key by standing on the Altar stone. Don�t forget the Serpent when you leave.

The key opens a door across the corridor from the Shrine. Through this door you will find a lever. This moves a series of crates to reveal the next point of egress, a hidden doorway leading down into the caverns - which leads to Florentine's ancient cottage and observatory. Collect the hidden ammo behind the door.

In the tunnels below a disembodied spirit speaks to Adam and Rebecca, begging them to free him. this is Hawk - more of him later.

Eventually you will reach Florentine's Cottage and Observatory. In the caverns you must locate the Red Crystal. Give this to the Red Effigy. If you give it anything else it will summon demons to kill you. A bridge now appears. Cross this and kill the green demon [you should have picked up the map to this dark location]. Watch out for his fireballs. You must navigate the floating sections to get to the other end of the chamber. A door automatically opens which leads to the basement of the observatory.

In the basement left click on the breastplate and Aelf appears again. Watch out for the demons which appear. Head up into the observatory to the top floor and take the stuff on the table in the Observatory. In Florentine's Journal you'll find a key which opens the closet cupboard downstairs in Florentine's Bedchamber. Inside is the last Golden Serpent. Pick up also the Staff from under the bed. Tip: look in every crate you find, there may be something there.

Take the staff back down into the basement and go through the far door in the corner (close to where Aelf appeared). If you click on the staff Icon on the wall a teleporter will appear. Stand on this and it will teleport you back to the Study.

Place all seven Serpents on the hollows around the Sarcophagus and enter the Sarcophagus making sure you pick up the Dragon Shield from the Study.

Set the big floor clock to 6 o'clock [the clock in the study only chimes at this time] using the levers on the raised platform and press the hand glyph on the wall behind you. Make sure the dragon shield is in your hand and enter the chamber that is now open to you. The shield will make sure you avoid the fireballs from the Dragon's Head above the secret door.

Pick up the chalice from one of the fountain rooms and collect some water. Hawk appears and informs you that there is a key to his prison in another world. Open the doors to the left room with the fish design by throwing water into the fish's mouth. Do NOT go to the right door from the Mosaic.

In this the rooms is Aelf�s dagger, this allows you to enter the realm of spirit, Raquia, where you will find the key to Hawk's prison - the Key of Tears. On leaving the area, you are challenged by Belial who demands the Shrive. Attack Belial with Aelf's dagger to drive him off. As you have now just blasted Belial�s face off, expect his bodyguards to appear and try to kill you. At the top of the floating stairs is a locked door. When you return here and free Hawk with the Key of tears it will become open to you and teleport you to your father�s Church and Vicarage which Belial is using as a base of operations.

Go back to the Study

To enter the library you need to find the crystal idol. Unfortunately this is protected by a big monster. To summon the monster light all six candles situated around a magical symbol.

Go to the room from the courtyard guarded by a giant monster, kill him and collect the grenade launcher. Watch out for Belial�s bodyguards - the Shadows.

Now you must find the gate to the Tower. Some of the gates in these areas have been destroyed or are guarded by the Dodger. Open the door to the library by placing the crystal statue in the slot next to the door. Enter the library and take all the paperwork and readable documents.

The ward on the door to the Temple can now be destroyed. After travelling through a maze of tunnels [follow the squelching rats] you will find the Temple, where you witness Gaul taking a green crystal from an altar stone. Take one of them.

Use the lever behind the altar to find the gate to the tower. Once in the tower find the entrance to Raquia.

In Raquia the spirit of Raysiel appears and informs Adam and Rebecca that they may have the Key of Tears if they can travel through his domain without waking him. In order to enter Raysiel's tower and pass his tests you need to collect the following items from the maze:

Earplugs, Spirit Ring, Jewelled haunch of meat [this is on top of the raised platform, collect this by pushing the switch on the nearby bench] and Pan Pipes.

Use the Spirit Ring to open the doors of the Keep.

Then use the jewelled haunch of meat to get past the lioness automaton.

In the bell room you must pass through without striking the bell [the bell strikes if you fall off a platform too many times].

Play the pipes to open the door to the Music Room. Enter the room and take the oil flask for oiling the doors to the next couple of locations and also the 'Opticals of True Sight" to spot the trip wires connected to the piles of books.

Find the parchment that contains the password to enter the 'Fire Room' and take the ceramic flask.

Enter the Ice Room and use the ceramic flask to melt the ice-floor to obtain the silver armlet.

Use the earplugs against the Siren and take the silver key from her.

In the Rainbow Room, take the gems from the window and place them in rainbow sequence in the floor panel. Take the 'Rainbow Key'.

Enter the Nightingale Room and use the silver armlet to walk silently across the Nightingale Floor. Use the 'Rainbow Key' to open the interior door and take the Rainbow Gem [and potion] which activates the moving platform.

Use the moving platform and cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Enter the Amethyst Room. Move slowly through the crystals and take the Amethyst Gem. Place the Gem into the Spirit Ring. This will open the door to the next location.

Enter the Star Sapphire Room. Do not remove the Ring, despite what certain voices may say. Raysiel then grants Adam the Key of Tears. Adam must then return to the Tower via the gardens. If Adam does remove the Ring he is interned by Raysiel for all eternity (this is not a good thing).

Returning to the house via the Tower and the Temple Tower Gate, you must enter the Sarcophagus again and free Hawk. Go to the place where Hawk spoke to you. Use the Key of Tears on an elaborate and magical lock close to the floating stairs.

Use the door at the top of the floating stairs [now open] and teleport to the house of Charles Randall - the Vicarage and St. Michael's Church. Watch out for the warm reception.

All the doors are locked with invisible wards in the Vicarage. The player will be damaged every time a door is tried or opened unless Belial's torch and Belial's wand are located. The torch renders the wards visible, and the wand renders them useless. Remember to keep the torch in your hand at all times. Replace the torch in your hand everytime you pick up something.

Within the house can be found the second part of Florentine's Journal - supplying clues and hints to the overall story/characters/histories etc. Inside is the key to the Belfry in the Church..

By locating a floral key and using it on a door fashioned into the likeness of an ancient tree, a magical portal transports Adam and Rebecca to the Tree of Life.

Go to the church. Avoid Belial�s Shadows and kill the demon under the canopy of the church. Collect the coin when you kill it. Use the coin to make a donation in the collection box or a demon will appear to stop you.

Letters and notes concerning histories, characters etc. can be found here. While observing a stained glass window two feathers fall from the glass. One is green, the other red.

Find the key to the wooden screen in the Belfry and a jewelled tiara. Then find the statuette of the Madonna on an altar. Place the tiara on the statue. Then place the green feather on the imprint at the base of the statue. This opens a door opens in a mural revealing Aelf's Helm. Here you will find the key which allows access into Arqua through the Tower.

Go back to the tower and find the gate to Arqua. You will notice upon arrival in Arqua that all or most of your possessions are missing. The parchment you have upon your person at arrival explains this.

The doors to the Element Rooms are all one way in Arqua. To get back through them use the chalice from the maze [click on one of the tiles opposite the fountain] to throw water from the fountain through them.

The Fire Room: In this room two visible niches contain Flint and some Steel (allowing you to strike a spark). What is missing is tinder. If you inspect the apparently blank corner very carefully (using the magnifying glass from Florentine's study), you will find a miniature scarlet tile with the word BURN inscribed in gold. If Adam says "Burn" out loud, the hidden niche appears, containing tinder.

The Water Room: The 2 visible niches in this room contain a small white metal bowl containing a coarse black powder, and a small black metal flask containing a fine red powder. When the red powder is poured into the bowl there is a localised snowfall making a mound of snow in the bowl. Again use the magnifying glass to reveal a miniature tile with the word BONG! inscribed on it in gold. This refers to the action you must take, i.e. striking the bowl with the flask which will produce a "BONG" sound. at which point the hidden niche will appear, containing an elaborate Hookah.

The Earth Room: The 2 visible niches in this room contain a Pestle and a Mortar. In the blank corner there is a miniature amber-coloured tile with the word GRIND inscribed on it in gold. Grind the pestle & mortar to reveal a hidden niche containing a chunk of Amber.

The Air Room: The niche in this room contains a fan. In this room they will find a miniature white tile with the word BLOW! inscribed on it in gold. If Adam uses the fan on the tile, the hidden niche will be revealed containing a Scroll. The Scroll explains what must be done and where, with all the items found so far.

You must then complete the following ritual:

Step One: grind the amber on the crystal shape - North Tile.
Step Two: burn the tinder on the flame - South Tile.
Step Three: fan on cloud shape - East Tile.
Step Four: place the hookah on the tear-drop - West Tile.

The fountain dims and lowers. At this point the Water Pipe must be constructed so it can be smoked.

At this point the Ritual of Eternity should be performed:

Step One: Place the bowl of snow into the base of the water-pipe
Step Two: Place the powdered Amber onto the pipe-bowl
Step Three: Light the Amber with the fire. The snow will now melt.
Step Four: Fan the Amber gently until it glows and catches flame. At this point it releases clouds of scented smoke.

You will now be rewarded with the dragon sword

Now use the tower gate to get back to the house.

Belial appears in a dream like world as you teleport. You will wake up in a cold dank cell somewhere in the Graveyard. Rebecca comes to your rescue. On leaving the cell you find all your belongings and more notes from Florentine's Journal. Unfortunately, the Sword and Shrive are gone. Rebecca cannot sense them on this Realm. Belial has taken them to the Tower and placed them there for safe-keeping Once the Sword and Shrive are located , Adam and Rebecca must travel to Sheol. The Gate to Sheol is in the centre of the Graveyard Maze. Access this by burning all of Florentine�s Journals at the appropriate place. Be prepared for Belial�s shadows when leaving the cell.

Access Sheol after locating the Shrive and Dragon Sword. At Sheol you meet Abaddon, Keeper of the Key to the Abyss. He instructs you of the three worlds and three tests beyond, which all must take separately. Gifts of Passage are awarded to you as you successfully defeat each of the guardian demons.

Level One - Dominion: Vine, the major demon and Master of Dominion rules this level. To successfully traverse this level you must collect 'brains' and place them in the brain machine. This lowers the platforms to allow exit. Defeat Vine and the Power of Dominion is granted. This shields Adam from Illusions [useful against Belial later].

Level Two - Judgement Level: Dopplegangis, major demon and Master of Flesh rules this level. Only by defeating his own reflections will the gate. Kept here in a prison of Light is Abaddon who instructs Adam to why he was brought here and what to expect in the Last Battle at the Chamber of the Soulstone.

Level Three - Salvation: Pyrichiel, major demon and Master of Fire rules this level. This level is traversed by successfully turning a series of wheels until a central circle of fire is absolved and the Gate back is revealed. At this point the Power of Salvation is granted. This shields Adam from Fire.

Also it is learned that Abaddon is in fact Florentine and that the Keeper of the Key of the Abyss is held somewhere by him.

As Adam returns Hawk instructs him that they will meet again at the last battle and that if he steps through the archway one more time he will find himself upon Sheol proper.

Adam finally reaches the Island of Threads, the place that guards the well of the Soulstone.

After confronting Belial use the green dome teleporter. You materialise below the floating 'Well'. Fight off various demons and locate another transporter which takes you to the Chamber of the Soulstone.

Refuse to fight Florentine. Then place the sword into the soulstone. Then sit back and watch the grand finale.

You are then back in the house which is about to blow up. It's now a race against time to get out of the house before it takes Adam and the remaining demons with it. But the demons won't let you go without a titanic fight.

Finally you must defeat The Dodger, the hardest demon of the lot.

Exit the doors where you started the game and watch the Epilogue for a nasty surprise.

© 2002-2024 by Sascha Kimmel
The above artwork is © Interplay Productions. All rights reserved.